by Stuart Answers, Get Referral Link


We’ve all been there at some point. Easily distracted. A sense of dread every time you pull out your to-do list. The sneaking suspicion that the more effort you put in, the further behind you are at the end of each day.

The frustration is even more pronounced if you feel like you used to be motivated but now you're not. You can't get things done and your goals seem to move further out of reach. Plain and simple, you're in a rut. You can, however, get out of it. It all starts with the right mindset and a simple technique you can use whenever you start to feel like you’re running out of steam.

Dwelling on Negative Thoughts Inhibits Personal Growth

Step one. Stop believing you don’t have enough energy anymore. The belief that you were motivated ten or twenty years ago and now are not is self-sabotaging. That perspective is making it difficult – if not impossible – to get out of your rut.

Understand Life Is Experienced in Cycles

Step two, stop being so hard on yourself for not always being productive. Life comes in cycles. Sometimes we can juggle all the world throws at us. We’re deep in the flow of life. Business is growing. We’re at the gym five days a week. We even have time to take mum out for brunch or catch a show with friends.

At other times we’ll go through weeks, or even months, of feeling like no matter how vigilant we are, life is an uphill battle. When everything is experienced as a struggle, we tend to procrastinate. This dampens confidence, making productivity and that sense of accomplishment we’re after even more elusive.

Instead of fighting against the down cycle, learn how to get out of it. Learn how to shift your energy from a demotivated state to a productive one.

You’re going to face another rut again. That’s just part of life. Once you learn how to recognize one and work your way out of it, you’ll always know how to get out and never have to worry about ‘getting stuck’ again.

Take advantage of down cycles as time periods to revitalize yourself. We all have to slow down and do this periodically. Your rut is simply your warning sign that it’s time to renew. As you consciously nurture yourself, you’ll shift back into your productive energy flow – the zone where you become a master producer over your life.

Start by Thinking Smaller

Begin by thinking smaller. Every day, choose one or two things to tackle and do them. They don’t have to be work related. In fact, when you start using this technique, you may benefit more from focusing on your own sense of well-being and happiness at first. 99 percent of the time, business can wait. Especially if you want to build and grow a sustainable business, your health is more important than anything.

As you reinvigorate by doing things that make you feel good, your confidence will increase and so will your will power. Then, you’ll naturally gravitate towards the more cumbersome tasks as you seek out bigger challenges to feel good about.

Your first to-do tasks could be going to the gym, game night with your kids, or even just going to get a massage. It may even be something you don’t love to do, like paperwork or organizing the garage. In this case, focus on how relieved you’ll feel at the end of the day when the work is done, rather than not wanting to do it.

Don’t think about:

  • Bigger life goals
  • A big to-do list
  • Not being as motivated as you were years ago

No more beating yourself up because of one thing or another. We’ve all got enough people in our lives to do that for us. We certainly don’t need to do it ourselves.

What’s going to happen if you continue with this practice, two things every day, is you’re going to start feeling better. Self-assured, confident, and excited again about working towards your goals and conquering them.

You can, easily and enjoyably, get out of a rut. What two things are you going to accomplish today? Write them down and go for it.